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Are you a professional or solopreneur with a vision of the kind of life you desire to live and impact you want to make in the world?

You know it will take money to make it happen, but you feel a bit lost on how to get there...

Maybe you’re not sure what numbers you need to put together to make key financial decisions that will move you towards your unique goals and dreams.


Maybe you feel ashamed of your current financial situation and feel you’re not as far along financially as you ‘should’ be.


Maybe you’re afraid you won’t be able to achieve your financial and life goals.

Maybe you’re frustrated with the amount of time and energy you spend worrying about money, instead of focusing on what brings you joy and fulfillment.


Maybe you have not    found an experienced financial professional you connect with, one who will give you the personalized support you desire and deserve.


Or maybe it’s something else that’s holding you back.


No matter where you are on your financial journey, know that you are more than capable of achieving your unique goals and dreams, in a way that is authentic and aligned with who you are and what matters most to you!


Are you ready to confidently achieve your financial goals and live the life you truly desire? Let’s get started!

If you do not know where you are going,

how do you know what road to take?

Lisa Broome


Financial health and prosperity mean something different to each of us and there is no one-size-fits-all definition you have to try and fit into. Which is why we’ve created services that offer in-depth and personalized support that aligns with your unique values, goals and dreams.

Are you ready to experience greater clarity, confidence and peace of mind in your financial life?

Check out our specific offerings below.

Prosperity Planning


A personalized consulting and coaching service for professionals and solopreneurs designed to support you in creating a powerful financial plan that will empower you to confidently achieve your unique personal financial (and life) goals.

Retirement  Readiness

Happy Shoppers

A personalized service for those who  are just starting to plan for retirement or are on the cusp of retirement, designed to help you create a retirement roadmap that will empower you to achieve your unique vision and goals in retirement.

Financial Wellness Masterclass


A customizable financial wellness series designed for organizations who want to support their employees in taking control of their financial wellbeing, so they can confidently achieve their financial goals and live a life free of financial stress and anxiety.

What People Are Saying

Terry J

Before working with Lisa, I wasn’t sure if I was thinking about the right things regarding my financial health. Her approach and experience put me at ease, gave me peace of mind and allowed me to relax and focus on what really mattered to me. 

Julie B

I am so grateful for Lisa’s financial wizardry (the combination of her financial foresight, wisdom nuggets, curated planning resources, and coaching method) and support. I am so excited to continue working with her as I grow and evolve.

Tiffany E

The words inspiring and supported come to mind first. I believe that my business is off in a whole new direction and not only in terms of the plan but of my own personal energy and position. I am feeling more empowered and confident. Lisa has a natural and powerful ability to support and listen and inspire.

Are you ready to   get inspired  ?


Our Financial Wellness Checklist, is designed to help you deepen your financial awareness and identify easy steps you can take to strengthen your financial wellbeing.  

Click on the image to get a free copy sent directly to your inbox!

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