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Aligned Abundance

A personalized consulting and coaching service for professionals and solopreneurs designed to support you in strengthening your financial wellbeing by aligning your current spending, debt repayment and saving plans with what’s most important to you and your unique financial goals. 

Financial Wellness Support  Options

Income and spending wellness management

Aligning spending with your unique values and life you want to live

Effective debt management system review or implementation

Intentional savings plan

Support developing healthy money habits

Customized tools, templates and models

On-going coaching and support available afterwards for those clients looking for additional guidance and accountability

This is a different way to look at your finances, it takes your vision and your personality in mind. It is very intuitive and simple. Lisa coaches you so the decision you make aligns with your goals and dreams. You go beyond what the standard financial advisors do which always felt like a "cookie cutter" formula that didn't take my unique needs into consideration. She brings soul to the process. 

Maria M


Are you ready to take control of your financial wellbeing?


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