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A few weeks ago, I was asked this question as I was sharing the story of how I came to be a financial wellness coach and consultant and why I am so passionate about helping others achieve their desired level of wellbeing.

The question was innocent, honest, and inquisitive. But it stopped me in my tracks. I had never considered that perspective might be attached to how others perceive ‘financial wellbeing.’ I mean who wants to be told by someone that every aspect of their budget is under someone else’s control?

Let me definitely say – NO. I do not tell you how to spend your money, YOU do! Everything about my process is centered on YOU.

Do you go to the doctor and expect a cookie-cutter approach to your specific needs? You want to feel more than just another patient, you want to feel heard, taken care of and put on a course towards healing. The doctor gives you recommendations, but it is still up to you to make the changes.

It’s the same when it comes to your finances. Square pegs don’t fit in round holes and your unique financial goals need the same care and attention you would expect from other professionals.

True financial wellbeing comes from aligning our money and resources with what matters most to each of us individually, not trying to adapt to someone else’s model. At Inspiring Prosperity, we take a holistic approach to your financial situation; exploring where you are currently on your journey, helping you discover where you want to go and aiding you in plotting a course that will get you there, while allowing you to enjoy the journey along the way.

Your values are not my values – and that’s a beautiful thing! I believe that only YOUR values can determine how and where you spend your money. But I am here to help you gain more clarity, confidence, and peace of mind in wherever you are on your journey.

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