Prosperity Planning

A personalized service for professionals and small business owners designed to help you create a powerful financial plan that will empower you to confidently achieve your unique personal financial (and life) goals. Including guidance and support on how to successfully implement your plan, in a way that works best for you.

This services offers a unique combination of consulting and coaching support, as well as customized tools, templates and models to support your unique financial plan and its implementation. 

Financial Wellness Support  Options

Long term aligned spending and saving plans

Projections for life transitions

Retirement saving and income planning

Scenario modelling for complex financial decisions

This exceeded my expectations. It empowered me beyond what I expected by making the connection of my resources and my values. I feel safer in my financial situation and future. The biggest take-away for me is that I now have all I need to make important financial decisions. 

Madeleine B.


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